LaMa Bra
LaMa Bra
Need Engorgement Relief?
Ready to Start Weaning? Not Breastfeeding?

The LaMa Bra helps reduce the engorgement pain mothers encounter while breastfeeding or during stages of weaning. Specifically designed for comfort, convenience and personal discretion, the LaMa Bra can be worn anytime, anywhere. 

Designed with your beauty and comfort in mind!

• Application of appropriate pressure and form fitting cold paks aids to slow
  breast milk production and reduce engorgement pain.
• Simple sizing by your everyday cup size makes ordering easy.
• Multiple shoulder & back strap settings ensure a perfect comfortable fit.
• Remove the cold paks and the LaMa Bra can now be your everyday bra!

Perfect for Today’s Mom:
Discreet. Comfortable. Attractive.

Not Breastfeeding
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The LaMa Bra helps mothers prolong their breastfeeding duration by comfortably soothing engorgement through the initial stages of milking coming in, periods of overactive supply and also to control production for mothers that return to work and continue to nurse in the morning and at evenings.

Women not breastfeeding are pleased to find a comfortable, discreet solution to help stop their breast milk production or to reduce their supply when not breastfeeding. Whether they are not breastfeeding right after delivery or are ready to stop breastfeeding after some time, LaMa Bra is a perfect maternity aid. A combination or appropriate pressure and cold temperature aid to dry up breast milk production and also to reduce engorgement pain.