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Who Uses The LaMa Bra?
• Mothers who choose not to breastfeed
• Mothers with overactive lactation glands
• Mothers for whom breastfeeding is an overly painful and uncomfortable experience
• Mothers who wish to shorten their lactation time after weaning
• Mothers who have been medically advised not to continue breastfeeding
• Women who have menstrual breast soreness (warm the gel paks in hot water)
• Women suffering from mammary duct ectasia (warm the gel paks in hot water)
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Engorgement from not breastfeeding or from working toward breast milk reduction is very common.  This engorgement pain can be reduced with LaMa Bra and the in as little as 20 minutes 4 times a day, women find their engorgement pain relieved and that their engorgement time has become decreased and more comfortable.