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LaMa Bra is specially designed to ensure a perfect fit for all women.

To ensure a proper and comfortable fit, the LaMa Bra works off of standard bra cup sizing and offers customizable
shoulder and backstrap adjustment settings.

And an added benefit of The LaMa Bra is that it is so fashionable and comfortable that you can wear it without the
gel paks afterward. Or many woman warm the gel paks and use for premenstrual comfort.

Not Breastfeeding
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In the stages of breast milk reduction, many women choose to do their breast milk reduction in stages.  The LaMa Bra was designed to fit all the various sizes that your body will go thru as your breast milk reduction process occurs.  The cup size is created to accommodate for your size changes and with multiple strap setting, you are ensured a precise fit through your whole breast milk reduction effort.