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Designed for Engorgement Relief

Ready to Start Weaning? Not Breastfeeding?

The LaMa Bra helps provide engorgement relief for mothers who are breastfeeding or in the stages of weaning. Specifically designed for comfort, convenience, and personal discretion, the LaMa Bra can be worn anytime, anywhere.

Application of appropriate pressure and form-fitting cold packs aid to slow breast milk production and reduce engorgement pain. Simple sizing by your everyday cup size makes ordering easy. Multiple shoulder and back strap settings ensure a perfectly comfortable fit. You can even remove the cold packs to create a comfy everyday bra.
Gel Packs Bra Straps Bra

Perfect for Today's Mom:

Discreet. Comfortable. Attractive.

The LaMa Bra, Set of Cold Packs and Back Strap Extender Strip. All of this is included for one low price, including Free Shipping - $34.99

Extra Set of Cold Packs - $11.99

15% Off, When You Purchase More than 10 Bras, Coupon Code: lb15 20% Off, When You Purchase More than 20 Bras, Coupon Code: lb20


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