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About LaMa Bra

LaMa Bra applies appropriate pressure and cooling to help slow breast milk production and reduce engorgement pain. Our one-of-a-kind bra is specially designed to ensure a perfect fit for all women; to ensure a proper and comfortable fit, we work from standard bra cup sizing and offer customizable shoulder and back strap adjustment settings.

How To Use Bra
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This unique bra is so fashionable and comfortable that you can wear it without the gel packs afterward, or even warm the gel packs and use for premenstrual comfort. Though our current model is designed for relieving breast pain of all kinds, we're currently working on a specialized bra for cancer survivors. Ultimately, our mission to ensure overall breast comfort for all women. For more information about LaMa Bra, please don't hesitate to reach out.

Who Uses The LaMa Bra

  • Mothers Who Chose Not to Breastfeed
  • Mothers with Overactive Lactation Glands
  • Mothers for Whom Breastfeeding is Overly Painful
  • Mothers Who Wish to Shorten Lactation Time After Weaning
  • Mothers Who Have Been Medically Advised Against Breastfeeding
  • Women Who Experience Menstrual Breast Pain (Warm Gel Packs in Hot Water)
  • Women Suffering From Mammary Duct Ectasia (Warm Gel Packs in Hot Water)