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LaMa Bra FAQ

If you have a question about our product, you'll likely find answers to them in the LaMa Bra FAQ, a list of frequently asked questions compiled from women just like you. Have additional questions? Feel free to email us.

Q. How is the LaMa Bra different than other maternity bras?

A. Most maternity bras are produced for mothers that breastfeed their children. The LaMa Bra is created for mothers that do not breastfeed or are ready to stop nursing their children. Equipped with pockets to hold cold packs against the breasts, The LaMa Bra offers a comfortable and discreet aid to slowing breast milk production.

Q. How do I determine my size?

A. The LaMa Bra comes in 4 sizes based on your normal cup size and is currently offered in Sizes A, B, C, and D. The bra is specially designed with multiple setting options to ensure a proper fit for the wearer. Adjust the shoulder straps to provide comfortable yet light pressure of the cold packs against your breasts. The back hook and loop strap have several options to select as your size/shape changes through the various stages of milk production.

Q. How tight should my LaMa Bra be?

A. When trying to decrease your milk production it is critical to decreasing movement that stimulates the breast milk production process. The LaMa Bra should be worn on a tight yet comfortable setting. You can adjust the shoulder straps and select the correct hook and loop setting to achieve the appropriate fit to apply constant yet light tension across the breasts.

Q. How long will it take for my milk production to stop?

A. The amount of time needed to decrease or stop your breast milk production varies greatly woman to woman. Typically the process takes anywhere from 3 days to 3 weeks or more, depending on if you are planning to wean your baby in stages. The LaMa Bra is created to be durable to last the length of time you need and longer! The time it will take for your milk production to stop depends on how much milk you are currently producing and how quickly your body responds to the process. Remember, do not squeeze the breast to see if there is milk present or you can stimulate breast milk production.

Q. Can I wear The LaMa Bra once my milk production stops?

A. YES! The LaMa Bra was designed with today's fashion, style and comfort in mind...and not just for the purpose of decreasing breast milk production. Once the cold packs are removed, the bra can be worn and enjoyed as a normal everyday bra.

Q. How long do I apply the cold packs?

A. The cold packs should be worn for about 20 minutes four times per day or more as needed for comfort. The consistency of the gel freezes to the appropriate coolness and remains cold for the 20-minute period. Cold packs can be re-frozen and ready for the next wearing. However, it is important to always wear the cold packs inside the pocket located in the bra cup to ensure your skin is protected from the cold temperature.

Q. Do I need an extra set of cold packs?

A. The LaMa Bra comes with one set of cold packs included. However, many women find it helpful to order additional sets of cold packs to have a pair cold at all times ready to insert into the pockets of the bra cups while the other set is chilling.

Q. What are the cold packs made of?

A. The cold packs are made of a non-toxic saline based gel that is safe to the skin should a rupture occur. The gel is a special consistency that allows for a form-fitting shape, as it remains flexible when frozen. However, should a cold pack rupture simply discard it immediately and visit "www.lamabra.com" or call 877 LAMA BRA (877.526.2272) to order replacements if needed.

Q. What can I do for more support?

A. The LaMa Bra can be worn under a sports bra for a woman that feel they need more pressure against their breasts. Remember to always keep clothes from brushing against your nipples, which causes stimulation. But do not tightly bind the breasts, which greatly decreases circulation and may cause your milk ducts to become clogged.

Q. What else helps decrease milk supply?

A. (The information here should not substitute professional medical advice. Always consult your Doctor at any time for medical advice or if you have consistent pain or severe engorgement).The LaMa Bra's combination of appropriate pressure and coolness creates an environment to slow the production process. To further help the effort, do not allow warm shower water to directly hit your breasts, as this will stimulate the breast milk production. Many women have found that by taking an anti-inflammatory medication, like ibuprofen, the pain and swelling decrease. Others use antihistamines, like Benadryl® when working to decrease their milk production. We also recommend drinking plenty of water to maintain hydrated throughout the process.

Q. The fit just isn't quite right. Can I get a refund or request a different size?

A. Of course, your satisfaction is very important to us. Please send the bra and cold packs, order number and a note asking for a refund or a different size, to the address below. Please make sure that the bra is unworn, unwashed and still has the original tags on it. You will be credited the amount of the bra and cold packs only. Customers are responsible for return shipping costs and the original shipping and handling. Also, in an effort to help us improve our products, we'd appreciate your comments and feedback as to why you're returning the item.